eCampus College Mathematics

This course will be completed over one semester. In this course students will understand how mathematics is used in our daily lives and its affects around the world. An emphasis on understanding mathematical concepts and their applications through topics including set theory, probability, statistics, finance, and geometry. This course meets one of the four requirements for university admission. Dual credit may be obtained from the Maricopa Community College District for this course at high schools offering this option.Course Credit:  1IMPORTANTThis eCampus course does not allow you to self-enroll in the course without first attending the in-person eCampus orientation. Therefore, if you missed the in-person orientation, you need to complete the steps below in order to obtain the enrollment key to self-enroll in this eCampus course:Submit the signed eCampus registration forms to your home school counselor. Complete the eCampus online student orientation course. Email your instructor the two certificates of completion found in the last lesson of the student orientation course and request that your instructor email you the enrollment key.  Use only your Peoria Unified student email to communicate with all eCampus instructors and staff. In your email, you should insert in the subject line: New eCampus Student and include in the body of the email your name, home school, counselor's name, and best contact number where you can be reached. In addition, notify your instructor that you have completed the required online student orientation course. After receiving your email, your instructor will provide you with the enrollment key you will need to login to this course. Note: Enrollment keys will only be sent to your Peoria Unified student email account and not any third-party email account (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo).Instructor email:
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